Warranty & Service

Warranty & Service Policy:

1. No Warranty Card is needed. Warranty is confirmed when our customers are getting Delivery Challan.
    Warranty will start from the date of delivery of product & service.
2. Battery inside the Scales/ Weighing Machines has no warranty.
3. Warranty starts from the receiving date signed over our Delivery Challan by the buyer.
4. Warranty is mainly for the electronic components. Any, problem found while using, we’ll try to repair it
    at first, if it is ok by repairing, then it will be set again to that machine. But, if it is not ok by repairing,
    that component will be replaced.
* No direct replacement is available for any machine.

Warranty Void:

1. If the scale, or any part/ component is broken, then warranty will be void.
2. If any physical changes made by the user, then warranty will be void.
3. If any machine found defective for the wrong operation, it will void warranty.
4. Unauthorized and wrong pressing on the Key Board is forbidden. If any problem occurs for this, warranty will also be void for that.
5. Disabled any component by the buyer (if proved) will void the warranty.
6. Changing the program of the machine will void the warranty.
7. Damaging/ Burning/ Firing due to Over voltage/ Electric Short Circuit, warranty will be void and Weighbridge Scales Bangladesh will not give any demurrage.
8. Must use the machine within moister 60%, if more than that, warranty will be void.
9. Temperature must be within 0°~ 40°C, if more than that, warranty will be void.
10. If any cable is cut out, warranty will be finished instantly.11. If the machine is fired or if it is drown to water or flood, warranty will be finished.

11. For new machines and components, any occurrence happens for voiding the warranty, the free service will be finished automatically.

Service Terms:

1. All machines will go to servicing at first, No objection from buyers will be accepted except this policy.

2. A written official document or an email message is needed for the servicing work. Mail (Hard Copy), or e-mail to our office will do the job. No service will be provided, or no action will be taken until we receive any written official letter/ document or email or phone call.

3. Service will be provided within 3 working days after the date of service request.
4. 1 (One) free service for every new Scale during Warranty period. After warranty period, Service Charge will be applicable as per following rate:

5. For the servicing of the old machines, service has no warranty. Customer needs to check the machine
    at the time of the servicing. No objection in this regard will be considered later.

Service Charge:
1. Platform Scale: 50 Kg ~ 500 Kg Capacity- Each time Each Service charge=1,800/=
    (One Thousand Eight Hundred) Taka only.
For checking, the minimum amount of the conveyance and attendance is Taka=500~1000/=

2. Floor Scale: 500 Kg ~ 5000 Kg Capacity- Each time Each Service charge=4,500/=
    (Three Thousand Five Hundred) Taka only.
For checking, the minimum amount of the conveyance and attendance is Taka=1,000~1,500/=

3. Weighbridge / Truck Scale: Yearly 4 services is at Taka=45,000/= & more If it’s not yearly contract, then Each time Each Service charge is Taka=12,000/=

For Weighbridges and Truck Scales, for checking and pre-installation checking, the minimum amount of for conveyance and attendance is Taka=6,000/=

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